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Caroline Galactéros

A career marked by a political and military expertise in a war zone and by a global analysis taking into account the geostrategic, societal and ethical approaches.
  • Founder and chief of operations of PLANETING since 2004

  • Founder of Geopragma, French geostrategic innovative platform

  • Columnist for the website of the newspaper Le Point since 2004 and for the FigaroVox since 2015 

  • Colonel in the Operational Army Reserve since 2004

  • Director of seminar at  the Ecole de Guerre (2009-2014)

  • Guest lecturer in International Relations at HEC Paris (2002-2003)

  • Research fellow and lecturer at the Geostrategic Center of l'ENS-Ulm (2001-2004)

  • Mission head at the Secrétariat général de la Défense nationale (Prime Minister), in charge of Balkan issues (1992-2001)

  • Doctor in Political Sciences (University Panthéon-Sorbonne)

  • Former auditor at the IHEDN (AA59)

  • Member of the Administrative Council  of the Société de Stratégie

  • Member of the Administrative Council of the Association de soutien aux Armées françaises (ASAF)

  • Member of the Scientific Council of Conseil supérieur de la formation et de la recherche stratégique (CSFRS)

  • Member of the  Cercle Jefferson

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