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  • Power & Influence

  • Authority & Leadership

  • Ethics & Efficiency

  • Conflicts & Negociation

  • Sovereignty & Cooperation

PLANETING offers various conferences in geopolitics and strategic intelligence specifically tailored for the companies' needs and expectations. The watchwords ? 


  • CONFERENCES FOR A DEMANDING AUDIENCE : The conferences can interest the top management and the steering comitees (Transnational companies, most particularly  for consulting firms, law firms, banks, trade associations, business clusters, etc.). Elles s'adressent également aux think tank, fondations et grandes institutions publiques.


  • TAILORED CONFERENCES : Each intervention is unique and specifically designed for the clients' stakes and expectations.


  • LIVELY CONFERENCES : The interventions are not presented in the way of a formal lecture of International Relations, but more like an interactive debate such as the Anglo-Saxon talks


Our conferences can be elaborated around various topics such as:

  • The Realpolitik, performing efficient and ethical tool

  • Leader's Advocacy : Authority and trust

  • Sovereignty and borders: The elements of leverage for action

  • War and ethics : Behind moralities, learn to think straight

  • The paradoxical negotiation : When the heads of State show the way

  • Terrorism : Symptom or origin of evil ?

  • France in tomorrow's world : Arms of resurrection

  • Europe, the world's sick man : Authority, leadership and values

  • Russia and the West : From a brokenhearted to rebirth

  • The ghost of the superpower : The USA facing the new world

  • Middle East : Games of duplicity and masks

  • Power according to China : Vectors and victims

  • The thing-man : The real transhumanist utopia

  • War for energy, energy of war

  • Technology, war and society : Is Progress heading in the right direction ?


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